The Youth Chamber engages with those under 25 years of age with an entrepreneurial spirit.

There is very limited practical business knowledge that young people have when leaving school or even tertiary education. Being part of the Chamber exposes them to what business is all about.

Most of the energy, innovation and new ways of thinking about the future of business come from our youth and it is vital that we integrate them successfully into the business world.

In essence, the Chamber gives young people access to relevant information, as well as allowing them to network amongst their peers and business leaders. They will be able to attend seminars and events that will expose them to the current challenges and opportunities for business in the region.

The Chamber is known as the ‘voice of business’, and we will not only speak up on behalf of established business in the region, but also for those who are new to the working world.

The youth are our future. We are privileged to be a platform from which they can change the world.

To stay updated with our activities, please visit the Youth Chamber’s Facebook page or contact the committee directly: 

Sinekhaya Nongabe

Dexter de Villiers


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